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Dear Reader, For all Bukit Brown related matters and tours, please visit Bukit Brown’s main website. API is part of the growing community fighting to save the resting place of our forefathers, from being destroyed by the present day government, through the construction of a 8 lane highway to replace the current Lornie Road. What do we know of the early Singaporeans who came, once loved, lived, died in, & died for this Country we called Singapore? Learn about them in Bukit Brown, and the Pride of being a Singaporean. Join our free Bukit Brown Tours and be a BROWNIE on our YouTube video. Join the Bukit Brown’s community Facebook page.

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The Search for the Malaysian Bigfoot

News about Bigfoot sightings in the State of Johor, Malaysia created a stir around the world and received unprecedented coverage in major international newspapers and paranormal-related reporting websites.

What sparked the Skeptics’ cry of foul was that the sightings came hot on the heels immediately upon the release of the King Kong movie (above poster) in mid Dec 05, and in-line with the urgency of the Johor State Tourism Board in trying to perk up the industry.

API travelled across the Causeway, and hunted down the eye-witnesses who claimed to have seen the Malaysian Bigfoot.

The eye-witnesses were the Orang Asli, simple and truthful folks.

This is as much a story about them, as it is about Bigfoot.

I hope you will enjoy reading this article, as much as I have enjoyed writting it.

Click this link to find out more in detail!